Morse Avenue School

Our objective is to make a positive contribution to the development of your child's full potential.  We seek to provide a learning environment that facilitates healthy growth and development.  We offer four programs at our schools: 

  • Toddler Program (2-3 Years)
  • Preschool Program (3-4 Years)
  • Transitional Kindergarten (4-5 Years)
  • School-Age Program (5-12 Years)

Meet Our Directors

Shirley McCartney

Co-Owner / Director

Shirley is co-owner of Storybook Cottage and director at the Morse Ave. location.  She has a BA degree in child development and a Master's degree in elementary education.  She taught primary grades before entering the child care field and has more than twenty years of experience operating child care centers.  

Shirley is active at Sierra Baptist Church and enjoys including Bible stories in the curriculum.  She believes that her sister, Betty Warthan, and she are very fortunate to be able to work with children, something they enjoy and feel passionate about.  

Maxine Hattley


Maxine is the co-director of the Storybook Cottage Morse location.  She has been a director for seventeen years and has seen Storybook Cottage grow through the years.  She has an AA degree in early childhood development.  She is married and has six children, twelve grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.  

Maxine is active in her church and loves incorporating Christian curriculum at Storybook Cottage.  Her dedication to providing the best learning environment and educational experiences for the children under her care is what motivates her.  



Brittany Ackerson

Assistant Director

Brittany Ackerson is the assistant director at the Morse Ave location.  She also teaches the transitional kindergarten class.  She has been teaching at Storybook Cottage since she was 18 years old.  Brittany's teaching skills allow her to guide the children's learning and to encourage their proper social skills.  She is active in her church and likes to incorporate Bible stories in her daily lessons.  Her desire is to influence each child in her care so that they can be their best.

Morse Avenue School


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Shirley McCartney

Maxine Hattley

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